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Chips from Midwest Game Supply are built on our 65 year history in the gaming industry.

Our product is popular because of the extremely high quality, and low relative price point for a premier class gaming chip.

Since their introduction, our chips have been continuously improved for greater quality, durability, and are built to last a lifetime. The quality is controlled with automated equipment, which also results in much lower prices.

Our chips feature a 12.5-gram weight design, and are manufactured to ensure high quality construction, permanent graphic image, and a superior matte finish. The attention to detail is exceptional and creates the Casino feel dealers and guests love for handling, shuffling, and counting. They will not break apart or wear thin.

Our anti-counterfeit chips are among the most secure in the gaming industry.

We continue to improve technology and resources with the goal of producing the highest quality product possible. Millions of these chips can be found in play in Casinos across USA, Las Vegas, Cruise Ships, England, Germany, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and Australia.


Made in USA

  • Serial Numbering Available
  • Roulette Cheques Available
  • Security Options Available
  • 100% Lead Free

Chip Options:

Chip Color Options

Gaming Chip Edge Design & Color Options

Non-Value Roulette Chip – Edge Design & Color Options

Promotional Chips

Need Commemorative Chips or have a Special Promotion?

We can customize your chips with vibrant 4-color images to help get your message out.

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Chips – Coin

These chips have a coin center.

Weight: 11.5 gram.

Available in six colors: white, red, blue, green, black and purple

Product Code: MW-ChipsCoin

Chips – Hot Stamped / Tournament


Custom Chip Hot Stamping

  • Choose from genuine Gold, Silver, Black or White foils.
  • No minimum quantities – order 1 or 1,000,000!
  • Choose from in-house denominations (1¢ to $10000), initials (up to 4) or get a custom die made.
  • Design your own die and have exclusive rights for life.

14 Gram Tri Color Suited Clay Poker Chip

Product Code: MW-TM-Chip-10-1850HotStamp

Can be stamped with basic currency and initials. Please note this chip can be stamped in silver or gold.

These 14 gram Tri-Color Ace/King Clay Chips are 39 mm diameter casino-sized chips and are designed with an authentic soft clay look and texture.

These chips have the soft feel of a clay surface which makes them the most authentic hot stamped poker chip available.

They are crafted of a solid clay-like material, with an inconspicuous metal insert. These exclusive new chips were created by the use of the latest technology to produce a heavy chip with the sound and feel of Casino chips.

With a fine assortment of tri-tone colors, this exclusive chip line looks great too! Few chips on the market today can boast 3 colors and we are proud to offer these colorful and one-of-a-kind chips.

With card suits decorating the outer rim of the chip in either black or white, and alternating Ace/King cards, these chips are available in your choice of 10 different color combinations.

Colors: White/Gray, Green/Black, Red/Black, Black/Grey, Yellow/Red, Blue/Orange, Orange/Blue, Purple/Yellow, Pink/Black & Orange/Grey..

Holdem Poker Chips

Product Code: MW-TM-Chip1055-HotStamp
These 39 mm diameter chips are 11.5 grams in weight. All 11 colors are produced from a composite resin and an insert that gives them the weight and feel of a heavy casino chip.  Ready for denomination or customization with our in-house hot stamp capabilities. The detail on these chips is great. “Holdem Poker” adorns each surface around the chip, with card suits embedded along the chip’s edges. Four edge spots in white (blue if the chip is white) add excitement to the design. These chips are perfect for poker tournaments.

Available in White, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Purple, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Pink & Light Blue.

Dice Chips

Product Code: MW-TM-Chip1090-HotStamp

These 39 mm diameter casino sized chips are 11.5 grams in weight.  The six stripes and dice are the most interesting design on the market.

Available in Red, White, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange, Gray & Brown.

Suit Chips Product Code: MW-TM-Chip1080-HotStamp  

These 39 mm diameter casino sized chips are 11.5 grams in weight. The suits around the chip as well as the detail spots on the edge of the chip add to the great appearance.

Available in White, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Purple, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Pink & Light Blue.

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