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Dice Manufacturing

Historically dice were manufactured and painted entirely by hand.

To meet the increase in demand Worldwide and maintain the stringent specifications and tolerances demanded by the gaming industry today, Midwest Game Supply uses a unique mix of specially designed automated equipment, high precision CNC machining centers, and a team of experienced artisans to produce the finest quality dice available.

With tolerances less than one-third the thickness of a human hair, nothing is left to chance, and quality is checked constantly throughout the manufacturing process.

Our facility is specially designed for our ultra high end machining processes with special temperature and dust control systems.

Raw materials are inventoried in a range of colors and thicknesses to cater for the multitude of dice styles and sizes used by Casinos.

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of Casino Quality Dice is a highly complex operation.

Based on specific order specifications the materials are rough cut into cubes and milled to a perfect square.


These cubes are then drilled, either by hand or our specially designed drill machines, to a specified depth that is uniform for all 21 spots, opposite sides always equal 7.

If the Casino specifies a “Key Spot” for security, the Key Spot is monogrammed under a predetermined spot, usually the center 3 or 5.


Each spot is then painted with a special epoxy, to create the same weight and density that was displaced in the drilling operation.

The die is then hand held to an abrasive wheel to remove excess paint so it is ready for the finish cut operation.

The finish cut involves placing the dice in a wheel cutter to cut opposite sides in sequence to ensure all sides are cut to the exact size.


Dice are then monogrammed or serialized to the Casino’s specifications..

This is followed by another abrasive process, again done in sequence, bringing the size down.

A high polish finish is obtained in the final process with a micro finish slurry so that the final mic is within tolerance of the specifications of the Casino.

Our Final Inspection process guards against material and human errors, and includes micing once again for size before the dice are wrapped in our signature “Gold” foil wrappers, placed in boxes of 50 to 100 pair, and packed in cartons ready for shipping.

“Certified Perfects” – The industry standard.
The only Casino Quality Dice manufactured in U.S.A.