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Dice Specifications


All our Certified Perfects Craps Dice are manufactured to the following Specifications….

(a) Each die used in gaming at Craps shall:

(1) Be formed in the shape of a perfect cube and of a size no smaller than 0.750 of an inch on each side nor any larger than 0.775 of an inch on each side;

(2)   Be manufactured to an accuracy tolerance of no greater than .0002 of an inch;

(3)   Transparent and made exclusively of cellulose except for the spots, name of the casino and serial numbers or letters contained thereon;

(4)   Have the surface of each of its sides perfectly flat and the spots contained in each side perfectly flush with the area surrounding them;

(5)   Have all edges and corners perfectly square, that is forming perfect 90 degree angles;

(6)    Have the texture and finish of each side exactly identical to the texture and finish of all other sides;

(7)   Have its weight equally distributed throughout the cube and no side of the cube heavier or lighter than any other side of the cube;

(8)   Have its six sides bearing white circular spots from one to six respectively with the diameter of each spot equal to the diameter of every other spot on the die;

(9)   Have spots arranged so that the side containing one spot is directly opposite the side containing six spots, the side containing two spots directly opposite the side containing five spots and the side containing three spots is directly opposite the side containing four spots; and

(10)   Have the name of the casino in which the die is being used imprinted or impressed thereon.

(b) Each spot shall be placed on the die by drilling into the surface of the cube and filling the drilled out portion with a compound equal in weight to the weight of the cellulose drilled out and which will form a permanent bond with the cellulose cube.

(c) Each spot shall extend into the cube exactly the same distance as every other spot extends into the cube to an accuracy tolerance of 0.0004 of an inch.